It is the decision of the respective escortlady herself, which rates she wants to have. Escort S-exclusive has, as Operator of this advertising platform, the Honorary desires of escort ladies only divided into clearly identifiable categories
Plaisir, Amoureux and Passion
(* The total fare in a duo-date results from the Salaire of each escort.
** In a couple bookings or booking MMF, the tariff increased by 50%

The booking period is defined as the spent time in which the escortladies keeps your company beginning with the agreed time.*
The price of such occurring Salaire refer to the wishes of the respective escort lady. You find this in the Sedcard of each escortlady under "Salaire".
If the desired period you would like is not listed, we will inform you personally about the applicable fee.
* In due course, that your escort lady can not comply with the agreed start, we will inform you immediately. The appointment is then naturally begin only from the time of arrival of your escorts.

Travel costs
For an escort service outside the residence of the escort lady we are instructed to inform you about the following travel expenses. The amount of travel expenses is calculated on the distance which has to cope with the respective escort lady to meet you at the desired location.
Distance   Assessment of cost
If she arrives up to 200 km, your escortlady
likes a refund in the amount of
        0,80 € per kilometer
Date with an arrival time of up to 300 km   100-150 € plus rail-/flightticket + taxi
Date with an arrival time of up to 500 km
  150-250 € plus rail-/flightticket + taxi
Date with an arrival time more than 500 km

  200-300 € plus rail-/flightticket + taxi
In large cities such as Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart etc.
low travel costs are possible, despite residence of the escort lady,.
Cost of train, flight and taxi
n order to enable the escortlady how to get to you, she must eventually fall back on the rail, aircraft or a taxi. These costs are calculated 1:1 to you. We and the escortladies will always try to choose the best option. So we book with absolutely secure appointments also like savings rates, in order to keep the costs as low as possible. If this is not possible, a flexible rate will bebooked, which allows to perform a cancellation or make changes.
The cost for the reservation of the tickets that are necessary for the arrival of the escortlady, must be paid by you to our business account in advance. Only after receiving your payment, we can make the booking of tickets.
Taxi cost of arrival and departure please pay directly to the escort. The amount of the taxi cost is calculated on the taxi charges that have accrued to reach you 2 times
Ratio booking period:
Travel time of the escortlady:   Minimum booking time:
Up to 1 hour
 2 hours
Up to 2 hours  
 4 hours
Up to 3 hours  
 6 hours
Up to 4 hours  
12 hours
Up to 5 hours  
15 hours
For a longer journey of escorts and travel to neighboring countries or within Europe, please contact us personally. For this purpose, the Escorts had made separate regulations of accounting periods and travel costs with us. So we can make you a separate offer in such a case.
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